As building Fires and associated damage is becoming more attributed to Electrical faults found within switchboards, insurance companies are taking lead from overseas counterparts and demanding Infrared Inspection of Electrical, Distribution and Mechanical Services Switchboards. Infrared Inspection (often referred to as “Thermography”) is an extremely sensitive and accurate tool for identifying component failures, overloading, and general terminal effectiveness within electrical circuits. It is non-invasive, and does not cause any disruption to your services, as the power remains on during the testing. This test replaces the need to thoroughly examine and re-torque all connections annually, which is time consuming and costly as the power must be isolated, and is usually completed after hours.

Thermal no fault

This infrared image shows the detail that we can see through the use of our Thermal Imaging Equipment. In this particular image, there is no fault identified as the colours are consistent across the 3 phases – The cables in the background are carrying more current than those at the front but are operating well within their temperature range.

Infra fault 3

This image shows a dangerous fault that could potentially lead to a catastrophic failure and Fire, but also cause expensive equipment damage. In this instance ongoing complaints are likely to include, lamps blowing often, motor failures, and I.T equipment/ phone interference. Causes of these symptoms are very difficult to identify without Thermal imaging technology.


Our Thermographers have been trained and Certified to the US Infraspection Standards, and are recognised as qualified and competent persons in their fields, Worldwide.