As my mum is a maternal and child health nurse, working within the indigenous community, she encouraged me to invest some time at the local school in Wiluna, regional Western Australia (about 1,000km inland. Population approx. 1,200). I worked alongside senior teacher Christopher Everett.

The teenagers who I taught at the school took a real interest into the basic refrigeration practical exercise which involved making can coolers, the same practical task which is carried out in TAFE colleges. The students were taught about the basic refrigeration cycle, refrigeration theory and the commissioning process of units – pressuring, evacuating and weighing the correct refrigerant.

With the help of Actrol (West Melbourne) organising the correct parts and materials, as well as borrowing the required specialised tools of the trade from a refrigeration colleague in Perth, I was able to freight everything across to Wiluna, WA.

With great interest, the students spent multiple classes bending and coiling their homemade condensers, evaporators and capillary lines. They mounded their Danfoss compressors and condenser fans and welded up the entire system with a turbo torch and assisted with the wiring ready for operation.

The highlight was definitely hearing all the positive feedback from the teachers who agreed the students displayed some real natural talent and enthusiasm. They were easily able to pick up some of the more difficult skills such as welding with ease.

Overall it was a great experience for all involved!

Tom C.


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